Floral Anthology

Garden Inspired Floral Design



Two years ago I began working with flowers. This was supposed to be a temporary job as I was a student studying journalism and environmental studies. But the longer I worked, the more I fell in love with flowers.

I started Floral Anthology in 2020 to be able to freely provide the design work I have come to love, such as weddings, gifts, and editorial styling. My designs tend to be organic and garden inspired, with an emphasis on using the most sustainable blooms available. They have often been described as looking like a painting. I love intimate events and focusing on the small details that make the florals truly personalized. To see examples of my work, head to the portfolio section of this website.

In addition to these services, the Floral Anthology blog was created to become a compilation of all things with a botanical nature. In the blog section of this website, you will find interviews with florists and flower farmers, news in the floral world, botanical tourism tips, and more. 

From a young age I was always trying to connect my love of nature and journalism. I was editing, writing, and distributing (via email, to three family members, but distributing nonetheless) my own newspaper, “The Rainforest Times," at the age of eight. The Floral Anthology brand and blog allows me to continue these two passions and share them with you all. I'm happy to have you!

- Emily Gilmore